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Company Profile

At PsyKessa we believe in saying ‘Yes’ to mental wellbeing. Founded by Vishwajith Giridhar, after 8 years of hands-on experience in the training and service industry, PsyKessa’s purpose is to help people solve life's jigsaw puzzle in a way that brings them closer to their goal of being happy in life. Through his life experience, Vishwajith learnt the importance of matching a person's inner motivation, life values, skills, interests and capacities to their career choices. He observed that employees suffer from burnout no matter what sector or post they are at. This in turn leads to lack of satisfaction and sub-optimal productivity when these issues are not addressed properly.
We at PsyKessa believe in a holistic approach, which includes making the right education and career choices, optimising our work potentials while keeping our eyes on achieving a state of mental wellbeing. With roughly one-third of our adult lives spent in pursuing a career, professional satisfaction forms an integral part of our overall mental wellbeing
With well-being as our primary objective, we plan to achieve these goals through our personalised career counselling and employee wellness modules. These modules are made accessible by being language-friendly, cost effective and convenient so that all students and professionals can make use of them to build their own mental, emotional and psychological resources to ‘say yes!’ to mental well-being through professional satisfaction.


PsyKessa aims to provide the optimal career development services and resources to individuals that would enhance the educative process of learning, leading to appropriate short-term and long-term goal setting.


We at PsyKessa seek to educate and equip students and working professionals to align their personal values and their career choices using resources and opportunities that will help them in career preparation and development. PsyKessa’s mission is two fold. It aims to facilitate students to be more confident at the doorstep of their dream careers. The other to help professionals create an optimised work life; all through a scientifically backed approach.


We aim to have employees who value selflessness rather than individual need. People who find their passion in their profession and show a strong sense of self-awareness combined with leadership skills that may make a difference in the student’s and working professionals’ lives along with making advances in this field.

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